Quick update

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, the last updates to the app were very slow and far apart. This was mostly due to the fact that I was fairly busy the last year, with both school and other personal stuff. One of the reasons was also this DE mess that has been going on lately. I’m referring mainly to the release of GNOME 3.
GNOME 3 is a mess, and I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I’m really sorry I have to say this, I know many people have worked hard on the release of GNOME 3, but it really isn’t anything near what GNOME 2 used to be. I’m not going to list all the reasons why I think GNOME 3 sucks, because there have been already many, many, many posts about why GNOME 3 is bad for power users (or even for normal users), and the moral of the story is, I switched to KDE for the time being (I don’t think it’s definitive, but I really couldn’t get my work done properly with GNOME 3). For this reason, the development of ClipIt has been halted for now. I really hope to be able to get back to it, since I really use it every day, and I can’t imagine doing my work without the aid of a clipboard manager, and I also still have a lot of ideas of improving the app.


Yours Truly.

ClipIt 1.4.2

ClipIt 1.4.2 has been out for some time now, but I didn’t have time to post an update. It can be found either on SourceForge or on GitHub. ChangeLog can be found either here or in the ChangeLog file in the package itself (there are mostly just bugfixes to this release). Due to limited time, it will be probably another couple of weeks until I manage to upload the package to Debian. Sorry about that!


Yours Truly.

ClipIt on transifex and github

After a suggestion on sourceforge, I have added ClipIt to transifex (“an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software [...]“) and to github, which should allow people to more easily submit patches and suggestions. If you want to help out the project, translate it to your native language using transifex or send in patches/bug reports/etc.

Release 1.4.1

A new release is out. It brings a bunch of bugfixes, optimizations and a couple of new features, the biggest are:
- Numpad keys now work for selecting history items.
- We use an icon from the theme (clipit-trayicon) now, instead of from the pixmaps folder. This fixes the problems with the indicator and should make themeing easier.
- Added static items (when items are marked as static, from “Manage history”->”Edit”->”Static item”, they will not be deleted from the history), together with options to show the static items in the menu.
- Right-Click menu option for systray icon.
- Indicator menu now refreshes even if save history is disabled.

You can see the full ChangeLog here.


Yours Truly.

Bug reports and feature requests

They do not belong in the comments. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but there are more and more bug reports and feature requests in the comments sections here, but they do not actually belong here. Please post them on the tracker on sourceforge. Don’t get me wrong, they are very welcome, but it is getting very hard for me to keep up with them posted as comments here, it would be much easier for me if you would post them on the tracker. If you posted a bug or feature request in here and have the time to also post it on sourceforge, so I can better keep track of them, I would be very thankful.
Thank you very much!


Yours Truly.

Release 1.4.0

The long awaited 1.4.0 is finally OUT. There have been a lot of changes and I hope you enjoy the additions as much as I do. Here are the most important changes:

- Automatic paste — You can enable this in the preferences, and it means that automatically after you select an item from the history menu, ClipIt will execute a ‘Ctrl+v’ combination to automatically paste the item into the currently highlighted window/widget. This will not be compatible with all programs (terminal windows for example) but I hope this pleases most people. In some programs you can even change the key combination for paste (like in terminals for example. The default is usually Ctrl+Shift+v there, but normally it can be changed to Ctrl+v). P.S. You need to have xdotool installed for automatic paste to work.
- We are shipping a separate icon with ClipIt, so you can change the tray icon, without chaing the stock_paste icon, which also affects other programs. To use a custom icon, just place an image with the name ‘trayicon.svg’ in ClipIt’s DATA_DIR/pixmaps folder (usually /home/yourusername/.local/share/clipit/pixmaps).
- 1-0 Shortcuts for history menu — This means that while your history menu is open, you can press the numbers keys (1,2,3, etc) so that the entry with that number gets selected. If you have automatic paste enabled, the item will also be pasted automatically, this should enable a much faster operation with ClipIt.
- Search-as-you-type in the “Manage history” dialog.
- Multiple item selection in the “Manage history” dialog. You can now select multiple items in the “Manage history” dialog for deletion.
- [Enter] and [Delete] shortcuts for the “Manage history” dialog. [Enter] will select the currently selected item just like double-clicking it would (only works if there is a single item selected) and [Delete] will delete all selected items.
- Re-enabled the indicator icon as it should now be fixed in Ubuntu.

Static entries and a couple more cool features will come in 1.4.1. Until then, have fun and please report bugs.


Yours Truly.

Release 1.3.13


today I released what will be the last one in the line of 1.3 releases. I will start work on version 1.4 and hope to have a first version ready for you by the start of June. Read you soon.


Yours Truly.

From scratch to Debian in 2 months

I first registered the project on SourceForge on 3. Nov. 2010. I immediately started working on the Debian package for the program and now, just 2 months later, it is available for installation in Debian sid (aka Debian unstable). I’d say this was pretty fast considering that Debian is in a freeze now. With this post I’d like to thank everyone that helped me make this possible, firstly David Paleino, who always responded very fast to my e-mails, always gives me great advice and uploaded the package for me. I’d also like to thank David Bremner, Paul Wise and Niels Thykier, who have helped me very much with great advice on IRC, and the people on the -mentors mailing list, who have helped me get the package in shape. Thank you!


Yours truly.

Plans for 1.4

Just a quick post to give you a glimpse on what I have planned for the next version of ClipIt, so I can get some feedback. My plans include:
- support for themes
– will have a sepparate theme folder with icons that it will use in the menu and in the tray

- static entries
– you will have the option to define some static entries which will always be shown at the top of the list

- multiple item selection
– you will have the possibility to select multiple items in the “Manage history” dialog for deletion

- and many more…

I’d welcome any suggestions or opinions on these. Thank you!


Yours truly.

Release 1.3.11

Version 1.3.11 will be the last one for this year. I imported another small change from Parcellite 0.9.3 (thanks again to Doug Springer), I fixed the refreshing of the indicator menu, removed the “Full history” and a couple of other small changes.

I’d like to thank everyone that helped improve clipit this year, especially Mihai, for packaging it for Arch Linux, Jason for the chinese translation and everyone else that submitted bugs or feature requests. Thanks guys!

Happy holidays everyone!


Yours truly.